Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Happy Couple


Tyler said...

Dear family,
Claire and I are doing well, and wanted to post a little update from Phoenix.
Let's start by saying that it has been over 110 degrees the last few days...and it is already getting old. It is only supposed to be like this for a few months though...so we are trying to be strong.
This past weekend we drove up north to see our puppy who is now 11 days old. His eyes aren't open yet, and he is pretty just a little pile of fur, but he is super cute and seeing him got us both very excited for the day we can bring him home.
From the breeders house, we drove farther north to the Sedona area...AMAZING. Huge red rocks everywhere. We will definatly be going back that direction for many nights of camping.
My job is going well, very busy and there is tons to learn, but I am getting along with my new boss wonderfully and generally having a good time. Claire has her first interview tomorrow and is starting to get serious about looking for work. Her full time job for the past few weeks has been unpacking our apartment, which she has done a WONDERFUL job at. The place is starting to look like home.
Other than that, not much going on. We are just trying to get into the swing of married life.
We miss you both very much and look forward to your next update. Take care and God bless.
Love, Tyler and Claire

Claire said...

Hello! I have finally scanned our professional wedding pictures!! There are around 250 of them, so it may take a bit to look at them all. This website is great about ordering from it. If you sign up you get 15 free prints plus shipping! Im not sure on the quality of the scan so sorry if they aren't the greatest (You may want to order prints from our photographer, info below)


Not all of our proofs are on the website, so on some photos there maybe others I have that are similar. If you want a couple of those I can email them to you. (ClaireMatney@gmail.com)

If you want to order good prints, contact our photographer...
Michele Nunes Photography
phone: 805-383-2957
website: www.mnunesphotography.com

Love, Claire and Tyler