Tuesday, June 07, 2005

We begin the adventure

Where do we begin? The last month has been a wonderful whirlwind. Our house lease started on May 15th so we were slowly moving out for the month before that. Of course we had a flourish of activity at the end, cleaning until 3 am on May 15th. Then we were off to CA in a U-Haul truck loaded with a couple of couches & pulling the 4 Runner on a trailer for Claire & Tyler. The first stop was to visit Wayne’s dad Sacramento and spend a day at the cabin in Kyburz. Then we were on to Thousand Oaks for Claire & Tyler’s wedding on May 29th. They had things well planned and it was a great event that will be long remembered by all who were involved. We could not be more pleased with them and their celebration.
Then after a couple days of packing we were off to Claire & Tyler’s new apartment in Phoenix with another U-Haul. And then back to Seattle to Dustin & Julianna’s for a few days before going off to Philadelphia for 3 days of Peace Corps Staging. We depart from Philly to Paris on a June 11 red-eye and arrive in Lome late on the evening of June 12. We'll try to sneak into Paris on our six hour layover!

You can email us at: CateWayneAfrica @ yahoo.com

Don't expect an instant reply as we will probably only have access to email on the weekends during training.


Dustin and Julianna said...

Nice job guys, you are so technically savvy! For others to see, this is how people can add comments. The first time you do it you'll have to create an account so they know who you are!

They'd love to hear from you, as it's time for them ToGo (get it?)

Riggaloo said...

We have been up with C&W for the evening after enjoying a nice Mexican meal to celebrate the successful completion of Dustin's quals. After a nice lil' stroll around Greenlake, we returned at 7:30pm to piles of clothes and computer stuff waiting to be packed! It is now 12:30am, and we are planning to getting up at 4am to eat breakfast, drink coffee, and drive to the airport at 5am. After saying goodbye last week to Sierra and Jesse (my best buds going to Mongolia with the Peace Corps), I imagine that tomorrow morning will be mixed with excitement and sadness. Dustin is giving me a hard time for writing too much, so I will sign off. I just wanted to give folks a flavor for what C&W are up to! Julianna

ruthandbillgoodwin said...

we wish you Godspeed - and pleasant
trip to Togo. We will miss you.
love, ruthandbill